Why Old Earth?

There’s definitely a “new” earth movement in progress. The world is in desperate need of a change of heart. It’s also an ever-changing place as humanity seeks to better itself in every way. “New” indicates a forward movement, whereas “old” would seem to be looking back. So why embrace the old? We at Old Earth Project are in no way against moving forward as the world grows and changes, but we ARE of the belief that we must do so RESPONSIBLY. Moving forward in a responsible way is not about discarding everything “old”, but in taking with us that which has proven tried and true. Humanity once knew how to live in harmony with the Earth, and with each other. We’ve gotten away from that, but if we reflect on the Old Earth wisdom of our ancestors, we can find our way back and push forward with a more solid grasp on how to proceed. “We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children.” ~Native American proverb~ Our ancestors have lived upon the earth and learned its most basic laws….. Every resource is finite. Take only what you need. Always give something back. Protect the earth for future generations. Embrace a culture of selflessness. Unity is possible within diversity. Their Old Earth wisdom has not been forgotten; it’s just been marginalized….. pushed aside by our collective self-centeredness. Mostly, this Old Earth wisdom has been kept alive through the generations by indigenous peoples, as well as the most rural communities of the world. But even on a subconscious level, the rest of us know and understand how things work. We’ve just forgotten. We at OEP are here to keep the Old Earth wisdom alive in the spirit of self-reliance and community. We’re here to help you to remember your intimate connection with nature and to show you that when you work in concert WITH it, you can take more direct responsibility for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being without being a drain on a world already taxed to the brink. We’re here to keep the tried and true Old Earth methods and perspectives of daily living…. ALIVE, because you never know when you may need to fall back on them!










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