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Greeting newcomers! My name is Ashley and I am the first founder of the OEP. The idea came to me one day that I wanted to start something, but it had yet to take shape beyond a name. The Old Earth Project felt like a really fitting title; because I wanted you to read it and think of the giant old trees in the woods, the warm, dark, dirt in your garden, and the certain wildness that has existed long before our "modern" society. It was never created to be a dig at modern things; I love my wifi and smart was more that I didn't want them to be forgotten. There exists in our world the potential for a coexistance between the old and the new. I simply want to correct the idea that the old becomes obsolete as we move "forward" (sometimes I'm not sure forward is the right word...).



I grew up running barefoot and climbing trees, with wild hair and endless energy. My Great Great Grandma Bee and Great Grandma Charlotte  taught me how to plant seeds, snip beans, shuck corn, and can tomatoes.  My Grandpa Dave taught me how to spot deer, identify trees, pick apples, peel any kind of fruit, and make maple syrup. My Uncle Matt taught me how to shoot a gun, start a fire, drive an ATV, worm a hook, and have aaall kinds of fun. My Grandma Linda taught me all the different kinds of birds, showed me how to work a sewing machine, rip a seem, make a great pot of sauerkraut, how to upcycle and thrift shop, all kinds of crafts, and how to be optimistic. My Mother homeschooled me, and took me on wonderful field trips. She took her time teaching me about monocots and dicots, how to use a computer, the War of 1812, the wonderful world of books and reading, and how to think outside the box. Through her I gained a passionate love for music (not to play or sing, but to love and listen), and I'm so thankful she gave me the freedom to be myself. I am so blessed and fortunate to have such a wonderful background and upbringing carrying me forward. I want to share those experiences, and that knowledge with those who want to learn. For me, nature is a spiritual and physical experience; despite how many people might take that statement, I'm a very down-to-earth, easy-to-talk-to person :) I like talking to trees, I feel bad when I step on a bug, I believe in eating organic, I'm against GMOs, and I give thanks to Creator everytime I pick herbs.  I also like android smart phones, I spend way too much time on Facebook, coffee is amazing, I watch anime, read mangas, love Harry Potter, get the point :) 


The OEP was designed to be an evolving project. Something that could grow and evolved based on what people brought to it. Right now it's just a blog, a website, and a facebook page with a few events under its belt...but I have plans ;)  I want to offer help to communities who want to start gardens but don't know how, do projects for children to get them interested in nature and where their food comes from.. I want to take groups on hikes and teach wild edibles, herbs, and teas. Camping trips where you can learn to make lean-tos and start fires. So far I have a great team who all have different specailities to offer. In the future I want to create a variety of resources people can use to learn from. All in the hopes of keeping Old Earth knowledge alive and well in the new world. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site; we hope that you will stick with us into the future! <3  ~ Ashley



Anpetu waste’ lo! (Good day!)


I’m Steve, though many people know me as Mato Inila (Quiet Bear).  My journey through life has taken me to some pretty diverse places and taught me much about how to live upon the earth in a gentle way.  It is my goal to teach what I’ve learned with regard to sustainable living, as well as spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health.  “Everything in moderation” is a motto you’re likely to hear from me often.  My teachers have ranged from college professors in my botany, horticulture, and agriculture schooling, to first nations elders (Native Americans) in cultural/spiritual living, to the raw experience that nature itself brings.  Some of my best teachers have had paws or feathers.  ;-)


Nature has always been the center and balance of my life, which is probably why I was attracted to Native American cultures and the Old Earth wisdom within them.  Indigenous peoples and cultures are very close to my heart, especially the Lakota. There is a vast wisdom to be gained by embracing indigenous perspectives. I've been learning the Lakota language over the years as I grow closer to friends and the culture. The Lakota medicine wheel, what it represents, carries a great deal of importance within my life journey.  It is my hope to share this Old Earth wisdom with the world along with my OEP partners.


You’ll quickly find that I’m OEP’s resident beekeeper and plant guru.  My knowledge ranges from sustainable organic gardening (permaculture), to wild edibles & medicinals, to animal husbandry and their applications toward self reliance.  I’ve acquired a vast understanding over the past 20 years of how to work in concert with nature’s symphony WITHOUT the use of controversial chemicals.  I’ve spent a great deal of time as a consultant for sustainable agriculture programs among Lakota friends on the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota, and a little time at Pine Ridge for the same purpose.  My time among these wise people has certainly expanded my knowledge and awareness on multiple fronts, and I consider myself blessed to have been their student culturally and spiritually.  It has been a great honor to have learned and partaken in many of their sacred ceremonies.  I now carry within me, knowledge and experiences that I regard as sacred as well.


I’m also a practicing herbalist and my beliefs can probably be best summed up by a great Okanogan woman, one of the first Native American authors…..  “Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission.” ~ Mourning Dove~  It is my hope to share the Old Earth knowledge I’ve acquired over the years, of identifying medicinal plants as well as their harvesting, properties, and preparation in maintaining a healthy body.  It is not my goal to shun modern medicine, but to relieve the financial stress it creates by utilizing the healing gifts of nature at our disposal for free!



Hau! (Hi!) I am Katie, also know as, Hanwi Mani Ota Win.


My focus is primarily on practicing the power from within to reach a balanced lifestyle for myself and in helping others in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical realms.


Life surely wasn’t designed to be all sunshine and rainbows. Tested along the way with trials and tributes to overcome our most difficult challenges can propel us into a transformational healing process that will release the ego and promote love from within and love for others while acknowledging a deeper appreciation and perspective of life and the current path we are on. It is through this process that I have found my way gravitating toward Native American practices (specifically Lakota), rituals, sustainable living and learning bushcraft to grow my skills as an outdoors’ woman.


I’m new to the herbal and medicinal studies and am loving the learning process! I enjoy connecting with the plant kingdom and learning the ancient wisdom of healing through nature. During the spring and summer you are most likely to find me enjoying the sunshine while gardening and planting sunflowers or watching the wildlife on the lake, at the bird feeders or in the willow and oak trees!


My teachers and mentors have ranged from friends and professionals practicing Reiki, Shamanism and the like. Though some of my best teachers take the form of feathered and pawed friends! My heart is closely tied to animals and creatures of all kinds – yes, this especially includes the creepy crawlies!


I enjoy expressing myself through my art whether it be in painting, pottery or a new crafting project. The idea of creating to me means FREEDOM of expression! If anyone needs an art and crafts buddy you know who to call!


Mother nature extends her healing branches to each of us. If we are able to stop, take a moment to breathe and calm our mind, we can see she has provided us with everything we need to live and sustain life for all of earth’s creatures. It is our goal to share this wisdom with others in hopes to create an Old Earth way of living and being.


I am grateful to be apart of this Old Earth Project Group comprised of outstanding friends. I am beyond excited to share our OEP wisdom with others!


Be the change you wish to see in the world! =)



© 2016 by Old Earth Project

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